Posted by: R!P | May 7, 2010

Icarus fell ..

It held an appeal to him, a desire, an ambition .. but the words kept coming back to his mind
“Stay low. Keep away. For the higher you go, the lower you come.” His teacher’s words echoed deep.
Mediocrity was dripping from each of the learnings. He felt caught in a web of lies, that grew around him and kept him from going any further .. any higher.
He wanted to scream.
At the top of his lungs.
Let the gust knotting in his stomach unravel.
He felt like he was about to burst.
He wanted to fly.

“Fly you may and fly ahead
For I gave you wings ..”
The words ringing in his head, he jumped off the cliff. At first, his heart started throbbing against his ribs, threatening to spring out .. As he closed his eyes and lunched forward, his mind calmed down. The earth approaching him, seemed to have a pacifying influence on his nerves. He felt in control.
He let out a wild shriek that had been trapped inside, clapped his wings and soared high. It was liberating to feel the wind, drumming against his ears, scorching the eye-lids, cleansing his body and soul. He felt unstoppable. And in a frenzied state of exhiliration, as an expression of freedom, he ventured higher up, eyes clenched in determination, mind numb with ambition.
And it was too late before he realized the wax that held his wings melting away as he closed up to the sun. A state of tranquil resignation set up as he fell down, satisfied for having given his best .. having tried to reach the sun , the final goal !

Icarus was falling to the ground. A failure to the apparent eye, yet a success at heart !

The image has been sourced from wikimedia and is usable under creative commons license


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