Posted by: R!P | September 21, 2010

Naitik Pradhan

Contd from here

“But, what does it mean?” She delved deep into my eyes, jiggling the stirrer and the olive in her drink.

“It means ‘Morals First’.” I mumbled what came to my numb mind.

Squeal. Squeal. That giggling sound she makes, when .. whenever .. actually always. Like a steel tip rubbed against a black board.

“Ironic isn’t it?”


I guess somethings are not for everyone. I hate this place. It’s filthy, stinking and dull. But, it’s so close to my clinic. I am a psychiatrist. Qualified Quack for cuckoos.

“Can you please flit here?” The waiter turned at my call, and squealed.

“I mean the cockroach, not the lady.” He scratched his ear, and pulled out wax, rolled it into a ball and threw it across the bar. Unperturbed.

The thing about this place is, every-time you keep your drink at the counter, the next sip will have a complimentary cockroach – beer battered. It crawled up my pint towards the rim, it’s everest.

“Can you please?”

And a drizzle of insecticide on the bottle as I covered the top with a lid. It smelled like a perfume, as if the scent belonged here.

I took another gulp. She squealed again. I gulped again. The clock struck two. There is another thing about this place, at every gong of a complete hour, you get a shot – on the house. Ain’t it something.

What’s this now? I could feel something near my thigh, a motion .. Bloody roach has climbed up.

Buzz. Buzz.
No, its my phone. But yes, it’s the roach. Saumik. I guess I should go. He pays me by the hour and lies at my face.

“Doctor, Its Rajan, Saumik Rajan.”
“We have an appointment at 3, is it confirmed?”
“Yes of course, Mr. Rajan. I’ll see you there.”
“Sure.” Click.

I downed my waiting shot and lit another joint. They all swarmed in, towards me. Circling, Chanting .. growing.

“Thwack!” I put the 20 dollar bill on the counter and rushed out. “Could you please give this to the lady in black?”

The tissue read “I am sorry it seems so rushed and desperate. But, It is.” And a little smiley face at the bottom. She crushed the tissue, licked it and threw it away.


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