Posted by: R!P | March 22, 2011

.. on the way

She looked around, harried and distraught. There was no sign of a living soul, except that sound .. the sound followed her. The deafening clunk of metal against concrete. The simmering sun was beating down her back, a drop of sweat trickling slowly across her brow .. she wiped it off in disgust. What does this world hold for a woman? A constant agonizing fear, distrust


Her first memory haunted her .. the earth kept coming closer, she shrieked, flailed about, screamed .. but it kept coming closer. The fall was never ending and the abyss of this world was as terrifying as the day she was born. She had always been a pale child, fearful, weak

And adored for her weakness ..

The metal clanks on concrete kept coming closer. She could almost feel a presence across the corner .. her grasp on the can of pepper spray grew tighter ..

Pepper spray .. defense mechanism that nature did not or rather could not fathom. And it was adorned by the empowered women of today, a natural response to years of repression. Pepper.

She was running now .. and there was a huffing chase by the metal clank .. All of a sudden, She clamped shut her eyes and pressed the canister of pepper spray at his eyes with all her might.

Nothing. No scream of pain .. no angry yelling.

As if the world came to a standstill, the silence grew all around her ..

And with the whoosh of a sprinkling jet of water, it broke. Happy Holi screamed the young kid, and ran off with his pichkari.

She stood there flustered. In a puddle of water, with a can of pepper spray, and a smile across her face.



  1. The young kid got away with, quite easily.. only if we could tackle the pepper spray cans with such ease đŸ˜‰

    Brilliant composition and a perfect twist !

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