Posted by: R!P | November 7, 2012

And where went the written word?

It has been long since I wrote something. The inertia of keeping the proverbial pen down is staggering! It does not mean that there have not been moments worth writing, but a bizzarely intoxicating mix of laziness, reading, short bursts of FB status messages, exercising and work has been driving me away from the written word. That is, before today.

I was just browsing through the internet, while the numerical model set up was in progress (yes, I am an engineer at work), when I stumbled upon this blog. 

It got me thinking .. and then wondering aloud, with a whistle. That is frowned upon in corporate jobs 😀 and quite a few heads turned. The looks I got varied from ‘oh-you-turned-up-naked-in-office’ condescension to ‘how-can-you-eat-my-pet-alive’ hatred!! And I realised what I have been missing.

So, here I am pledging a pledge to write as and when I find time, and whatever I can spit out .. because happen what may I am a writer !


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